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Workers compensation investigation helps to examine the validity of a worker’s compensation claim. Unfortunately, people exaggerate the extent of their injuries or outright lie when filing a claim. It is estimated that workers compensation fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year just in California. Excell Investigations has seen it all and has the experience needed in order to verify honest claims and highlight dishonest ones.

Workers comp investigation
Workers compensation
“If you are an insurance agent, run your own business, or otherwise are responsible for employees or workers, a worker’s comp investigation can help ensure that each of the workers filing a workers comp claim are entitled to the compensation they receive.”

This not only allows more money to be available for workers with genuine claims, but it also helps limit loss of manpower and loss of insurance money. If you are unsure, you can contact a private investigator at excell to learn more about how they can help you. 

Did you know that approximately 30% of all workers’ compensation claims in the United States are fraudulent? According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, this amounts to an estimated $80 billion worth of fraudulent claims made annually in the United States! If you own and operate a business, either large or small, these statistics should alarm you. Workers compensation fraud can damage your reputation with insurance companies, force your premiums higher and ultimately make your company less profitable, underscoring the need for proper workers comp and insurance investigations.


Investigating fraud in workers compensation cases is a delicate situation for any business owner. If suspicion of fraud is raised, it is the employer’s duty to investigate the claim for the sake of the company’s fiscal health. However, a business owner must be careful not to perform such investigations at the expense of their employees’ trust. Ultimately an employer has the obligation to care for an employee who has been injured on the job, and if an employer isn’t careful with their investigation tactics, it can send a message to the workforce that their employer is attempting to wiggle out of such obligations. There is a delicate line drawn between a responsible employer who performs their due diligence, and a paranoid boss who deploys “spies” to constantly watch over their workforce.
Workers injury investigation

Our team of private investigators at Excell Investigations knows this better than most. For over 20 years, our investigators have been performing Worker’s Comp and Insurance Investigations for a diverse range of companies. We also deal directly with insurance agencies and the attorneys that represent them. We provide a highly professional, specialized service that is designed to handle the delicate nature of worker’s compensation cases. Before an investigation even begins, our private investigators will first advise you on the appropriate laws and statutes pertaining to your case. If and when you decide to hire us for a full investigation, we will utilize state of the art equipment and techniques to make a timely determination as to whether or not your employee is making a fraudulent claim.

When we perform a worker’s compensation investigation for our client, we keep these four goals in mind:

  1. Determine if the employee is making a fraudulent claim
  2. If the employee is indeed making a fraudulent claim, provide clear evidence of such
  3. Perform the investigation in the most timely and efficient manner possible – save the client from unnecessary costs
  4. Perform the investigation in the most discreet manner possible – do not give the employee the slightest inclination that he or she is the subject of an investigation.


If you are suspicious that one of your employees is making a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim, there are several types of worker’s comp and insurance investigations available to you:
1. Activity Check –
An activity check can be viewed as the preliminary stage of investigations for worker’s compensation cases. It is a short surveillance, usually 1 to 2 days in duration, and is used to determine whether or not an injured employee displays any type of suspicious behavior.
Workers Injury claim
2. Extended Surveillance –
If an injured employee indeed displays suspicious behavior during the activity check, then extended surveillance is the next step in the investigation. The purpose of an extended surveillance is to determine and document whether the suspicious behavior seen in the activity check was a one-time act, or part of a larger pattern of behavior.
3. Hidden Camera Surveillance –
Often deployed in tandem with traditional surveillance, a hidden camera can be useful in catching an employee performing suspicious activities outside of a specific location, such as their home.
4. AOE/COE –
An AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) investigation is the non-surveillance aspect of a workers’ compensation investigation. It’s use is to verify the purported facts surrounding a worker’s compensation claim. It includes a background check on the employee, such as conducting interviews and obtaining statements from witnesses.
5. Background Check -
A detailed Background check on the subject, that may uncover any further evidence required.

If you suspect an employee of Worker’s Compensation Fraud, call Excell Investigations today at 1-888.666.0089 or e-mail us at contact@excellinvestigation.com for a consultation on worker’s compensation cases.

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