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Computer Surveillance is a way of monitoring a home, business, or person’s computer. Today, this type of surveillance can also refer to surveillance done by or on a computer or mobile phone. For example, computer surveillance can include e-mail tracking, internet surveillance, remote PC surveillance, and other forms of monitoring a computer for suspicious activity. 

Mobile phone surveillance is quickly becoming a more important tool as well since computers are being replaced with tablets and cell phones in our advanced technology evolving world. 

Computer Surveillance Investigation case
Computer Surveillance Investigation case

Computer surveillance has evolved past simply your boss spying on your emails. From malicious spyware to an employee’s activities, it is increasingly important that businesses have a complete understanding about their computers. Failure to monitor a computer can have many negative implications. 

“Electronic surveillance can alleviate or eliminate many fears business owners have regarding computer security and theft of personal and confidential data from businesses.”
Excell Investigations has several methods used to track computers, tablets and work phones. We feel that we have some of the most advanced surveillance tools in California. 

Please contact one of our private investigators today to learn more about your computer surveillance investigative options.

These are the surveillance assignments we cover:
  • Spousal Infidelity,Cheaters, Significant Others
  • Hijacking of Commercial Vehicles
  • Suspect Dishonest Employees
  • Tracking of Precious Cargo
  • All other Business Related Issues
  • Key Personnel Surveillance
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Corporate Espionage Surveillance
  • Global GPS-Tracking Devices
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