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“While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do know how to identify sources of employee theft, resolve those problems, and get the focus back on running your business.”

Employee theft consumes about 5% of business losses each year. Employees steal tangible items like inventory, equipment and raw materials. Internal theft might also be time abuse, program abuse, or even cash. Former employees might violate non-compete agreements, or steal client information

Theft Investigations

Regardless of the type of employee theft, Excell has experienced investigators with a proven process to reduce theft at the source. 

Credit Card theft
Our process is simple and highly effective with our trained corporate investigators:
  1. Identify the source of theft and all information through employee interviews and other methods
  2. Obtain written admission of theft
  3. Obtain restitution for repayment of expenses
  4. Obtain voluntary resignation for lying about the circumstances (not for theft itself)

Our process works in both union and non-union facilities. Investigators avoid litigation costs and reduce the opportunity for future theft. Most important – We get your good employees back to work. 


  1. Employee Interviews
  2. Surveillance
  3. Non-Compete Violations
  4. Witness Interviews
  5. Asset Investigations
  6. Background Investigations
  7. Loss prevention
  8. Undercover investigations
Theft Investigation case

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We can also assist you in your loss prevention needs. Our experienced loss prevention agents and staff will help you discreetly in protecting your assets and prevent further loss to your business. We help with theft investigations, mystery shops, undercover investigations, interviewing and interactions. We can also help your business by corporate espionage and warehouse investigation.

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