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We provide polygraph examinations for a variety of cases. Our expert polygrapher, who is certified through the California Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association, has gone through extensive training and continues to do so, so that we can guarantee you accurate results. Polygraph examinations are accepted as evidence in many cases. They are instrumental in most types of interrogations and often lead directly to confessions. Here at Excell Investigations, we conduct professional Investigations and Polygraph Service (Lie Detection) for various communities in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego & abroad the Southern California area. Excel Investigators past experiences in law enforcement and continuing education in the Lie Detector Field gives you, the client, the best experience you expect to receive on your requested services. A professional private investigator with experience in a polygraph test can act as a qualified polygraph examiner. Many private investigators with experience in the polygraph test are able to get at the truth. More importantly, private investigators can launch an investigation that can reveal the truth more precisely than the polygraph test can. Many investigators and investigative professionals are highly trained in interrogation techniques, interview techniques, and other methods of determining honesty. Rather than simply relying on the polygraph test, private investigators can use a variety of the investigative methods to get at the truth, giving you the most accurate results possible.

Each Lie Detector Polygraph examiner of the company has prior law enforcement experience. We have over 25 years of Private Investigator experience and have access to many colleagues in different fields of expertise. Rest assured we can ably assist in investigations throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego CA.


Excel investigations can perform the Polygraph Exam at your location or in our office. Three or more tests will be administered to determine accurate results with a new top of the line “Limestone” Computerized Instrument. We offer a Fully Mobile Service for our RELIABLE COMPUTERIZED LIE DETECTOR TESTING.
What is a Polygraph?
If you use a polygraph test not operated by a qualified professional, you will pay for it with inaccurate findings.
Polygraph tests, theoretically, measure a person’s truthfulness on specific questions. The test subject is hooked up to a polygraph test machine and is asked a number of questions — usually beginning with simple questions such as what is your name? and preceding to more difficult questions. The polygraph examiner asks the questions, prepares the subject for the test, interprets the data, and operates the machine.
If a polygraph test is so simple, then why do I need a private investigator?

Actually, the polygraph test is not simple. In fact, it is the subject of much controversy. Many professionals point out that the polygraph test can have a high error rate. Usually, errors on a lie detector test are caused by an untrained polygraph examiner, machine malfunction, subject lack of preparation, lack of quality control, or incorrect reading of data.

The truth is, a polygraph test is not magic. It tests subject’s physiological responses to certain questions and compares them to the physiological responses of simple questions. The theory is that if you are lying about where you were on, say, March 5, your pulse rate, breathing, and other physiological reactions will be very different than they would be for simple question about your name. However, the experience and professionalism of a polygraph examiner can determine a great deal of polygraph tests reliability. Of course, some people are better at lying than others. Some are notoriously able to beat a polygraph test while others will react badly to the tests, even if they’re telling the truth.

Who needs a professional polygraph test?

If you’re not sure about someone’s honesty or need the answers about an event for which there is no solid proof, polygraph tests can be the most useful. They can help you decide whether someone is lying about an event or not. Polygraph tests are also admissible in court. If you have no way of proving your innocence in a situation, a polygraph test by a professional polygraph examiner may be some form of evidence that you can use in your defense. If you need to determine whether someone close to you is telling the truth about an event, a polygraph test can help put your mind at ease.

While a polygraph test is not foolproof, it is often the next best thing when there is no solid evidence available. Some federal and high security jobs also require a polygraph test for application. If you’re applying for such a job, having a polygraph test administered by a qualified professional will help ensure the most accurate results and will ensure that your application is not jeopardized by an inexperienced examiner or false polygraph result. If you need a polygraph test, dont set yourself up for inaccurate readings or results.

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