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If the subject of your investigation is out of the United States or traveled outside the US, we can assist. Excell Investigations has an huge network of experienced, professional and international private detectives across the world. We have conducted many investigations where the subject of interest traveled outside the US on business or moved outside the U.S.. Call us today so that we can evaluate your case.

Willie Legget, Excell Investigations, is a world renowned international private investigator that has completed investigations in several countries. If you have a person investigation or difficult corporate investigation our investigation agency can help.

International Investigation
Please check the list of countries below where we conduct investigations :
  • Japan
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Middle East
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • South America
  • All European Countries
  • Africa and Australia
  • and more...

Our international private investigator agents, span many more areas. Our investigative agency has been conducting international investigations for over twenty years. We have trusted private detectives that can help with all your needs.

Our private investigator and detective services are strictly confidential and client data is always safe. Through our work, we give our clients the chance to identify risks and make rational decisions. We conduct global verification services, investigations and international background checks for both organizations and individuals. Excell investigations can save you valuable time and money, and minimize your risk. Our private investigations can help protect you from relationship scams, business fraud and internet fraud.

International Surveillance

With the increased globalization of today’s marketplace, the need to conduct an international background investigation has become increasingly apparent. Hedge funds are based internationally. Corporate executives frequently fill overseas posts. Attorneys are routinely faced with international parties to litigation and investigations.

Running an international background investigation has its own unique sets of challenges, but ultimately, hiring an experienced investigator with a network of reliable and credible local sources is key to an efficient and successful international background investigation.

Your business isn’t confined to the United States – so why would you limit your investigation?

True, the complexities of international background investigation or due diligence investigation can be daunting and expensive. The key to any successful international background investigation is to work with an experienced investigator who can not only manage reliable investigative sources throughout the globe, but who can review and analyze the data from multiple sources to “connect the dots.”
A skilled investigator will work with you to first answer two critical questions:
(1) What jurisdictions should we cover? and (2) What information can we reasonably expect to receive?

Identifying Jurisdictions.
The first step is to identify the countries and local jurisdictions where the subject has lived and worked. It will be important to consider the length of time that the individual has lived and worked in each area as well as the amount of information that can be retrieved from those jurisdictions. Also to be considered is the possibility that the subject may have had temporary international assignments (i.e. did not established residency) in a country or frequently traveled to a specific location.
international Investigations
What to expect?
In any international investigation, it is important to have reasonable expectations with regard to the availability of records in each jurisdiction. Local laws and customs, language difference, and access to country-specific databases can pose a significant challenge. Generally speaking, many of the public records that one would expect to find in a U.S.-based investigation are not routinely available in other countries.
Are criminal records available?
One of the most basic searches in a U.S.-based investigation, a criminal records check, has proven to be one of the most challenging in international investigations. In a limited number of countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, criminal histories may be searched only with the express written consent of the subject. In most other nations, however, criminal records are impossible to lawfully obtain and investigators must rely on other lawful means to obtain this information (e.g. local language media searches, human intelligence, etc.). There are a number of websites that claim to have criminal records from various countries across the world, but this is simply not true. The information is either gleaned from online newspapers or combination of international Watch Lists, OFAC lists or other readily available sources.
An experienced investigator will have local contacts to help outline document and intelligence availability within the necessary jurisdictions. Because of the limitations of international record searching, having this network of reliable and credible local sources is key to an efficient and successful international background investigation.

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