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Excell Investigations, Inc. investigators have developed critical information which has enabled persons charged with all manner of criminal activity from murder to burglary, to successfully defend themselves.
When your home has been broken into, you may feel desperate and/or violated. To make things worse, traditional law enforcement sometimes puts these types of cases aside as they have more serious crimes to adhere to. This situation will definitely leave you feeling more helpless then when your house was actually burglarized. If you are in this unfortunate situation, you can always depend on Excell investigations to come to the rescue.

We pride ourselves as being one of the most experienced private burglary investigative services operating in the Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas.
With Excell investigations, you have a chance to take charge of your unfortunate situation when nobody else will. Our criminal investigation services will allow you to take the initiative to be productive and allow you to feel confident that you are defending yourself with the best possible ammunition against your intruder. 

Corporate Investigations

In addition to the most common types of criminal investigations, “burglaries” and “robberies” Excell investigators handles multiple types of various other criminal investigations. 

Our criminal investigations division is comprised of former police detectives, officers and federal agents. With a hybrid staff of these types of forces including their knowledge, experience and special tactics, our team is armed to investigate and assist in complex criminal matters and ultimately solve your case.

Our highly trained team of detectives has the ability to apply the same investigative techniques that law enforcement agencies use and we can now offer these services to the private sector. 

Most common types of Criminal cases we handle:
  1. Burglaries and robberies
  2. Fraud, corporate, personal and insurance
  3. Homicide
  4. Stalking & Harassment
  5. Computer Crimes
  6. Financial Crimes
  7. Narcotic Investigations
  8. Child Abuse
  9. Elderly Abuse
  10. D.W.I and D.U.I Cases
  11. Undercover Operations
  12. Sting Operations
  13. Victim and Witness Investigations. 

For more information regarding private criminal investigations, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
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