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In today’s business world files are being stored on computers and there is consistent use of e-mail, social media and internet business by all kinds of people worldwide. Most of today’s civil litigation evidence can be retrieved from computers. Excell investigations has a computer forensic investigation team with the capability to locate and gather any and all important information or traces of what may exist on a computer or storage device. This consists of retrieving items such as e-mails viewed but not “saved”, documents that have been erased, websites that were viewed, uninstalled software, and more. The plus about this type of information is that its more transparent, unlike a tangible document which only shows us what we can see, electric data can have information about its origin, multiple versions of that information, who it was transmitted to, history of its use, and more. Let’s put it this way, if a bit of info exists on a computer or storage device, we can retrieve it and have it brought into evidence.

Computer Forensics

The kind of computer forensic investigation we do is not similar with the kind of searches the average I.T. worker or computer consultant will do. We use a different ways and investigative tools to locate and put together each file or fragment, which includes erased files and fragments that other I.T. workers stated did not exist. Most of our customers, as well as the opposition, are astonished at information we are able to find that was thought to be deleted or erased.

We can retrieve electronic evidence during a computer forensic investigation from these kinds of devices:
  • Databases 
  • Back-up Storage Media 
  • E-mail Servers
  • Websites
  • Digital Cameras
  • Zip Drives
  • Hard drives
  • Web Servers
  • Cell Phones
  • Fax Machines
Computer Forensics Intrusion investigation

Our computer forensic investigations are operated in a forensically professional manner, thus preserving the integrity associated with that piece of electronic evidence. As licensed private detectives and experienced private eyes, we have the experience to locate evidence, far better than a computer tech that you find in the yellow pages. We already have the investigative experience, training, and mentality. We utilize court ordered software programs and tools to work along with our years of experience in the tech aspect and acknowledged investigation practice. Both is important to stop any tempering of the evidence. No one learns how to work this type of investigation and become a computer forensic expert in any type classroom. Microsoft does not certify anyone to do this type of investigation. In an infidelity investigation and child custody investigation cases we can recover deleted text files or pictures. All of information may be deleted but still stored on a computer or cell phone hard drive.

  • Forensic Computer Investigations conducted by licensed private investigators.
  • All computer forensic experts have years of experience testifying in court.
  • Circum Vitae of our experts available when you need it.
  • Court respected expert forensic investigators.
  • Your work confidentiality is protected by law.
Computer Forensics

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