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Protection of your Confidential Information is a “Guarantee”.

A licensed private investigator has a duty to keep your personal and case information as well as your investigation reports strictly confidential.

Confidentiality and our clients guaranteed discretion, makes it hard to publicize our frequent successes and for that reason you will never see a client’s testimonial on our site.

We service every investigation assignment in a very discreet manner while keeping in mind the privacy of our client. While conducting an investigation we take into consideration the objectives of the case while carefully weighing any possibility of compromising the confidentiality.

All information gathered by us, while we conduct the investigation and at the conclusion of the case, is stored and maintained by only our case managers. We store all the information with compliance of all state and federal laws.This also includes the private investigators Act.

Case file details, billing information and confidential client contact information is accessed within our central office only. Investigators in the field only have access to information that is needed to conduct the investigation.

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