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“Evidence photography can take many shapes and forms. Whether it be on site professional surveillance or creating catalogs of physical evidence, the purpose varies.”

Excell Private Detectives have been involved first hand in evidence photography long enough to gain vital experience. When you’re trying to prepare your next solid case, consider the benefits of evidence photography. Then let us show you how with our investigative expertise evidence sticks.

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Forensic photography refers to photographs of a crime scene, accident, victim injuries, stolen property, and other places or things that aid in an investigation and court presentation. Examples of forensic photography are skid marks, damage to vehicles or machinery, damage to property, and personal injuries. Private investigators often are retained after the event, and photography is part of the investigation process to support civil litigations or criminal defense. 

At Excell Investigations, our investigators use various types of photographic equipment to develop evidence in civil and criminal cases including digital, video, and cell phone cameras, and when necessary smaller cameras for covert use such as button or key chain cameras. Also, stationary disguised motion cameras can be deployed in cases involving suspected employee theft or physical abuse. We create a professional photo and/or video log, based on the attorney’s requirements. 

Excell understands the photographs and/or video evidence must follow the normal “chain of custody” to be admissible in court.
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Our investigators at Excell Investigations use the most up-to-date photography and videography surveillance equipment to gather the evidence you need to win your case. Our investigative photographers and videographers will obtain and document pictures for any application that needs illustrations and preservation, such as traffic intersections, personal property, infidelity, documentation of physical scars, etc.

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