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Excell Investigations, Inc. has time and time again shown evidence to be essential in making the difference between losing or winning a trial proceeding. Excell Investigations are veterans in locating and interviewing critical witnesses necessary for a positive outcome to a civil, criminal, or family trial. Also, they have been highly trained in video evidence, constructing procedural diagrams, acquiring affidavits, and obtaining photographs.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there is no extra charge for nights or weekends. We have licensed private investigation covering Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Downey and surrounding counties. 

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While servicing attorneys, investigators can:
  • Obtain facts omitted from police reports
  • Gather different emphasis and utilize different techniques than Law Enforcement
  • Interview professional sources
  • Interview law enforcement officials, witnesses, etc.
  • Gather public records from live sources
  • Serve subpoenas and other legal papers
  • Locate people and property
  • Interview witnesses
  • Determine the quality of witnesses
  • Surveillance
  • Aid in locating expert witnesses
  • Conduct online searches
  • Provide photographic/video support
  • Review discovery documents
  • Provide additional insight
litigation investigation

Successful litigation support investigations depends on obtaining crucial information from victims, witnesses and other individuals. The litigation support process often begins with our support team becoming familiar with the specifics of the case that is filed or is about to be filed. Using that preliminary data as a starting point, the support team can move to sequester evidence, interview witnesses, summarize property records, or take photographs to be used in court. We can document details surrounding the case, and provide that detail to the attorney. Our work as part of the litigation team can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case.

Attorney’s and in-house counsel use our services to gather important and necessary supporting evidence through interviews, investigation, and surveillance. We can give attorneys a range of trustworthy and confidential legal support services including an analysis of expert witnesses and asset investigation trace.

Our investigators are seasoned in litigation support investigations, and are trained to provide credible, expert testimony when needed. Our assessment of evidence includes but is not limited to forensic accounting services and forensic computer investigation.

Whether you need to conduct administrative or investigative interviews, or survey questionnaires, the investigative support team of Excell Investigations, Inc has extensive experience in working under the hardest conditions and circumstances involving class action law suits.

Our investigators follow strict internal guidelines and will not violate local, state or federal laws.

Our licensed litigation support private investigators and litigation support private detectives specialize in tracking down the documents, witnesses, photographs, maps and government papers needed to present your case to the Court. Excell has highly trained litigation support private investigators, process servers and litigation support private detectives. They have dedicated their careers to understanding how to support the trial lawyer, find people and marshal the evidence. We can narrow or broaden the scope of our litigation support services to fit your case objective and your budget.

For a free people quote, or just to discuss your litigation support and/or process service needs with a licensed litigation support private investigator, call 1.888.666.0089 to reach a licensed litigation support private investigator directly.

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