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Here at Excell Investigations, we manage a very extensive public records database to assist in locating even the most irretrievable information. This consists of records covering all of the US and international. This also includes all type of federal and military records as well.

Let our licensed California Private Investigators do a complete or partial background check on an individual to determine if they are a good match. This service is ideal for employers who want to verify a candidate’s work history, working parents who are interviewing a nanny or those who want to learn more about their partner’s history.

background checks
Criminal History

Providing a written summary indicating if the candidate was ever charged with a misdemeanor or felony, if they were convicted and if they were incarcerated for any period of time. Exposing other employees or customers to a dangerous or unreliable person, could spell disaster for your company. Know what type of person you will be investing in!

Civil Suit Involvement

Providing a written summary of the candidate’s propensity to enter civil lawsuits. We will detail the date of the suit, include listing of all plaintiffs and defendants, the status of the suit and the disposition of the case.

Prior Employment Verification
Providing a written summary verifying or contradicting the candidate’s past employers. At a minimum, our investigators will verify dates of employment, positions held and termination dates. Any other information obtained will also be relayed.
Credit History Evaluation
Providing a written summary of the candidate’s personal credit history including comments on delinquency, any open suits, liens or judgments and a general analysis of their credit-worthiness.
Academic Accomplishments
Providing a written summary verifying or contradicting the candidate’s academic achievements including institution attended and date of graduation and degree held.
Physical Neighborhood Evaluation
Providing a written summary of a candidate’s residence along with the surrounding neighborhood. Upon request, we can also provide digital still or video photography of the neighborhood and residence. This is important to confirm that the applicant resides where he/she says she does as well as ascertain the applicant’s lifestyle, particularly in positions of a sensitive nature.
Here are some of our most common Background Checks:
  • Criminal Court Record
  • Prior Insurance Claims
  • WCAB Background 
  • Board of Equalization
  • Liens
  • Notices of Default
  • Assets
  • Business Listings
  • International Searches
  • Reference Interview
  • Prior Lawsuits
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Internet Check
  • Judgments
  • Corporations
  • Fictitious Business Names
  • Affiliations
Who We Search:
  • Employees
  • Spouse
  • Claimant
  • Pre – Employment
  • Neighbor
  • Witness
  • Anybody…

All of our searches are done by experienced Private investigators.

The cheap online databases do not use actual investigators. Those cheap searches are costly and are often wrong, misleading and a waste of time.


In today’s business climate there are many companies and websites that conduct standard background checks. In most cases these companies offer simple result driven data and low quality results by using out dated sources that provide only small bits and pieces of information.

When you utilize a background check services provider you are seeking a professional to gather resourceful and accurate data to learn the truth about someone.  At Excell Investigations we have designed a background check report that will exceed your expectations and surpass your needs and requirements. Each background search is unique and what may be relevant in one case man not necessarily be relevant in another.


Know the TRUTH above someone, before you employ them. QUICKLY, DISCREETLY and AFFORDABLY

It is imperative that you understand that the term “background check” is a generic one. Each background report or request is different and the level of depth involved in these reports can go into a nearly limitless territory.

Excell Investigations Inc, utilizes a licensed and bonded private eye. We use the largest database of both public and private records available in the United States. This database is only available and exclusively used by professional licensed private investigators, government and local law enforcement agencies. Your results are personally reviewed by either a private investigator or a former federal agent or law enforcement official.

Please feel free to contact us today at 1.888.666.0089 for a free consultation. 

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